The Fer-de-lance is a strong combat ship with powerful shields and fast manoeuvrability. It has 5 gun mounts, 2 on the top, 2 on the sides and a huge hardpoint on the underside. However the ship is not suited for trading due to the lack of internal compartments, and its average jump-drive performance means its not the best explorer.

Manufacturer Zorgon Peterson
Added in patch v1.3,+
Ship launched fighter No
Shields *standard shields, without boosters
(Extra mass doesnt effect strength)
Class 3E: 100.6MJD: 118.2MJC: 135.9MJB: 153.5MJA: 171.2MJ
Class 4E: 182.9MJD: 200.5MJC: 218.2MJB: 235.8MJA: 253.5MJ
Class 5E: 234.2MJD: 251.8MJC: 269.4MJB: 287.1MJA: 304.7MJ
Maximum speed 260m/s ( m/s with boost),
Manoeuvrability 4 (out of 10),
Price ship 51,232,230cr    where to buywhere to buy ship    where to buywhere to buy armour    where to buyship builds
Ship mass *ship only 250t
Weapon mounts
Gun mount Class 2
Gun mount Class 2
Gun mount Class 2
Gun mount Class 2
Gun mount Class 4
Utility mounts
Utility Mount -
Utility Mount -
Utility Mount -
Utility Mount -
Utility Mount -
Utility Mount -
Bulkhead Re-enforcement -
Reactor Class 6
Thruster Mounting Class 5
Frame Shift Drive Housing Class 4
Environment Control Class 4
Power Coupling Class 6
Sensor Suite Class 4
Fuel Store/Tank noteNote: Default: Fuel-Tank (32) Class 3
Cargo hatch
Internal Compartments
Internal Compartment noteNote: Default: Cargo (16) Class 5
Internal Compartment noteNote: Default: Shield Class 4
Internal Compartment noteNote: Default: Cargo (8) Class 4
Internal Compartment Class 2
Internal Compartment Class 1
Adjustable statistics
Power usage
Total mass(Everything)
Fuel tank
Total cost
Insurance cost 0cr    
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CmmdrNowhere avatar
CmmdrNowhere  •  3 months ago
error noted on bulkheads, my readings are re 20628816, mil 46410336, mirr 109683094, react 121 543 513
uszyk avatar
uszyk  •  10 months ago
There is 4x med hardpoints not 4 large
Roguey avatar
Roguey  •  10 months ago
thanks uszyk, I have now updated the stats.
Roguey avatar
Roguey  •  1 year ago
@Elegror youre right, I missed one of the medium hardpoints.
Elegror avatar
Elegror  •  1 year ago
I have not buy nor find the Fer De Lance in Shipyard. But when I read the other sites, all telling that FdL was equipped with 4 Medium Hardpoint + 1 Huge. This page telling FdL equip with 3 Large Hardpoint + 1 Huge. Which one is true?