The Vulture is a combat vessel with very strong shielding. It only has 2 gun-mounts, however both are class 3 (large). The ship has very good manoeuvrability, making it lethal in the right hands.

Manufacturer Core Dynamics
Added in patch v1.2,+
Ship launched fighter No
Shields *standard shields, without boosters
(Extra mass doesnt effect strength)
Class 3E: 89.0MJD: 103.1MJC: 117.2MJB: 131.4MJA: 145.5MJ
Class 4E: 157.2MJD: 171.3MJC: 185.4MJB: 199.5MJA: 213.7MJ
Class 5E: 194.1MJD: 208.2MJC: 222.3MJB: 236.4MJA: 250.5MJ
Maximum speed 210m/s ( m/s with boost),
Manoeuvrability 5 (out of 10),
Price ship 4,925,615cr    where to buywhere to buy ship    where to buywhere to buy armour    where to buyship builds
Ship mass *ship only 230t
Weapon mounts
Gun mount Class 3
Gun mount Class 3
Utility mounts
Utility Mount -
Utility Mount -
Utility Mount -
Utility Mount -
Bulkhead Re-enforcement -
Reactor Class 4
Thruster Mounting Class 5
Frame Shift Drive Housing Class 4
Environment Control Class 3
Power Coupling Class 5
Sensor Suite Class 4
Fuel Store/Tank noteNote: Default: Fuel-Tank (8) Class 3
Cargo hatch
Internal Compartments
Internal Compartment Class 5
Internal Compartment Class 4
Internal Compartment Class 2
Internal Compartment Class 1
Internal Compartment Class 1
Military slot Class 5
Adjustable statistics
Power usage
Total mass(Everything)
Fuel tank
Total cost
Insurance cost 0cr    
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Fyrzo avatar
Fyrzo  •  1 year ago
The Vulture's thrusters are class 5 not 6
Roguey avatar
Roguey  •  1 year ago
thanks for letting me know, the vulture has now been updated.
Fyrzo avatar
Fyrzo  •  1 year ago
I have put what I'm equip with and the power usage is not right and the total mass is off by 2 T. I'm suppose to be at 15.84MW instead of 15.2MW like the simulator is showing.

It need's an unpate as it's now giving more of an idea of what the ship's stats instead of accurate informations.
Fyrzo avatar
Fyrzo  •  1 year ago
The hull Reinforcement Package Class 1's only options is 1E or 1E. Where's 1D ? 1D is 2T and 1E is 4T, so that's why I'm off by 2T.
Roguey avatar
Roguey  •  1 year ago
hi there, well the hull Reinforcement Package was simply a mistake when typing. I have no corrected it, but to take effect you may need to clear out your cache for the updated xml to be loaded.

as for the power usage and mass, could you post your share link; so I could have a look in the beta? thanks.
Fyrzo avatar
Fyrzo  •  1 year ago
I found out that the power coupling MW is wrong. The game doesn't say what it is. So I sum up my MW without the power distributor (14.50) and calculated that my power distriburor (power coupling) is of 1.34MW (5A)

Also, there'S 2 class 2B. The 2A is missing in power coupling.

I'm curruntly calculating all the power coupling MW from 1E to 5A. I'll post the result here in a few minutes.
Fyrzo avatar
Fyrzo  •  1 year ago
Power coupling MW:
1E - 0.92
1D - 0.96
1C - 1.00
1B - 1.04
1A - 1.08

2E - 0.96
2D - 1.01
2C - 1.05
2B - 1.10
2A - 1.14

3E - 1.00
3D - 1.05
3C - 1.10
3B - 1.15
3A - 1.20

4E - 1.05
4D - 1.10
4C - 1.16
4B - 1.22
4A - 1.27

5E - 1.10
5D - 1.16
5C - 1.22
5B - 1.28
5A - 1.34
Roguey avatar
Roguey  •  1 year ago
hi there, after doing some investigation, the cargo-hatch uses -0.6mw power, regardless of the ship size. I wasnt factoring into the calculations, and so meant things were a little out. ie. take 1E power Distributor; uses -0.32 add the -0.6 (cargo hatch) = 0.92.

I also had a few errors in the thruster power-usage too. So hopefully with a clear-cache and refresh it should be closer to in-game stats now.