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Level badge phantomrock

2 years ago. Updated 1 time(s). Link

Now I am in Freedom's Reach trying my darndest to enter these numbers. I have pretty much reached land's end because I have a Sudoku Solver & nothing seems to crack this firewall... HOWEVER, perhaps some insight from some folks here could help...After I have entered three numbers then the same on the SS solver just how do I enter them in the hacking software? Or should I say, in what order must the numbers be entered?

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Level badge phantomrock

2 years ago. Link

and where the heck is this four digit hacking code!

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Level badge Sinxar

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2 years ago. Link

You have to figure out the code. Sounds like you are getting way ahead of yourself here.

Look at chapter 4: Codebreaking -

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Level badge Scott

2 years ago. Link

The four diget code gets me irated smes, As I am getting it it seams to change.The as,I use a Web suite called as. has always helped me in the past.It feasts tough but the rewards are worth it

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