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Repeated Battle
Written by DAWUSS

A cold morning where to watch your fellow soldiers shiver made it worse. The Soviet army had little food, and the cold made them even worse. It was downright embarassing seeing your tanks freeze up because the parts weren't kept running in an attempt to save fuel. So now the army had merely infantry.


The APCs had run out of fuel. The long trek had taken the APCs' fuel to a bitter empty. Now the convoy was in the middle of nowhere. Officer Rypkiel knew that his 100 Nod soldiers wouldn't last long in this cold. Even the veteran Black Hand ones. Nor him for that matter. He wanted his 16 Flamethrowers to avoid combat with GDI- he needed them to warm up the army.


The Allies' snipers, scattered throughout the outskirts of the Allied base, were cold and a few were sick. They had to stay out because the few men that were there were absolutely necessary. No sign of any Soviets yet... one thought to himself. However, he knew they were somewhere...


The AGT was empty. No one in the Weapons Factory. Not a soul operating the Tiberium Refinery. No sound from the Construction Yard. A few people were at the Power Plant trying to bring it back online, and everyone else was now shivering in the Infantry Barracks. Many were covered in blankets. Those who had none froze even worse. A few were already getting sick. You could see it in one soldier, Nick McNair. He was down with a nice old cold.


Nicolai Grigorovich was suffering from the annoying cough that had stayed with him. And now he was unable to breathe due to congestion. He, like everyone else, was waiting for when they would have to fight. He dared touch his rifle. He dared even reaching outside his blanket. But he had to do it. The sharp cold of the metal almost made him drop it. But he had to bring it near to try to warm it up so it wouldn't be so bad once he had to fight the Allies. He got his wallet out, and he placed it under his bed. He wanted for people later on to remember who a Soviet soldier was...


Lucky Brothers Rypkiel thought to himself! He found a partially destroyed Soviet Base! He ordered his 3 Technicians to revive the Advanced Power Plant while the rest would be in the Infantry Barracks. They had a lucky find as they crossed over some flattened Barbed Wire Fences in a mad rush.

About an hour later, everything that wasn't totally destroyed, which was a Power Plant, Barracks, War Factory, and Ore Refinery. The Ore Truck was now all worn from the years, but the Technicians were able to get it operable again. They had 2 options: Convert it into a Tiberium Harvester, or collect Iron Ore and try to make tanks out of them. In any case, they were going to have to camp out there for a while- They weren't ready for a massive assault- BOTH WAYS; They'd lose if GDI'd raid them. All they had as tank resistance were old Soviet Tanks- 3 Heavy Tanks. There was also 1 Hind there. The Technicians repaired them for later use. One of the Nod Soldiers took some fuel cans and went for the APCs. He returned 4 hours later with one of them.

Now it was 6 hours since Nod discovered the base, and they had gotten in workable. They had Soviet Tanks, with the exception of the Nod APC.

The bad part is, one of their snipers ran off....


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