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Command & Conquer and the whole sci-fi lowdown
Written by DAWUSS

A few months ago, I remember a poll asking whether or not CNC should go science fiction.

The catch is:

It already is

Ladies and gentlemen, by definition at Dictionary.com, it states science fiction as the following:

A literary or cinematic genre in which fantasy, typically based on speculative scientific discoveries or developments, environmental changes, space travel, or life on other planets, forms part of the plot or background.

The speculative scientific discovery being Tiberium, time travel being the Chronosphere, space travel as the UFOs (unless a lame stage prop), and such things like that merely show that CNC is science fiction. So all you diehard I-wanna-see-CNC-sci-fi fans, you long had your wish. Remember, you wanted merely science fiction, not battles on foreign planets.

Though CNC is no Star Wars, it is a very popular science fiction series (remember, we defined CNC as science fiction just 4 minutes ago) that anyone can enjoy. It has the impressive gameplay, which can (but not necessarily will) save a, which the oppposites of the diehards will call, bad storyline.

Whether or not Tiberian Twilight will have battles on the Moon or Mars, it will most definently be a science fiction game, which those diehards will be reserving at EB (if they haven't already) some time in advance.

My only regret on this is: It took so long for me to get this idea. Then again, some things take a while to come, like a SB XXXVII page on SuperBowl.com


Westwood(for the whole poll in their forums)
The online dictionary (for the definition of science fiction)

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