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Repeated Battle
Written by DAWUSS

When the sniper returned, he had some news. "I found me a GDI Harvester" he reported confidently.

"Great," General Rypkiel said, "just great. If they saw you-" he stopped right there.

They couldn't fight. Their resistance would be too weak. They only had Soviet Tanks and one Nod APC. Not only that, but the heating was bad, meaning his soldiers (including him) were freezing. Many had numb hands, despite their gloves, and a few were already coughing. What they needed to do is establish a stronger Nod base before kicking the GDI one. Without that, Nod would be crucified there on the spot. Their Heavy Tanks would be leveled by a few Mammoths. They only had one choice: To fight before the disease won.


The Soviet Army had its army ready. They would use the 25-75% tactic: 25% on offense and 75% on defense. They would only have 10 of their 25 tanks go on the attack. 3 V2 Launchers, and 7 Heavy Tanks. All else would stay behind for defensive reasons.

The soldiers all had numb hands on their trek to the Allied base. Many were coughing and a few were getting more fatigue a lot quicker. 3 of the soldiers had hypothermia. Some of them could have even died before one shot was fired.


RED ALERT! RED ALERT! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Every soldier and tank scrambled to their positions to fight the Soviets whose attack had already begun. The Soviets were focusing on the buildings; they could win the fight much easier that way. That strategy worked. Many soldiers died. But the Allied base was totalled. Now for revenge.

They moved into the Soviet base very quickly and begun their massive fire. The Soviet resistance was much greater. There were many shots fired, much blood covered the snow. The Allies did try to fight the Soviet units, while still trying to focus on the structures.

In the end, all that was left is what lay there when discovered once again.


All the Nod soldiers but 3 went on the massive raid. One was too sick and the other 2 were with him to keep him company. But the rest marched or drove. It was a miserable trek. Some were wanting to collapse and rest right there. Some were fighting their terrible sickness. In the end, they realized that the Harvester didn't show up. They had rested in an area for about 3 hours. Then to avoid everyone dying, they had to make the trek back to base. They would have to use an alternative way of assault.

Once they got back to their base, they noticed a Destroyed Nod Cargo Plane. How it got there, no one will know, but they noticed the MCY was usable, so they took it back to the base and set it up. They only had enough resources to build an Obelisk. It was built, but took awhile due to the cold keeping the Technicians back from building it sooner. Now the Obelisk was built, and they still had no offensive going.


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