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Renegade Moddies
Written by DAWUSS

If you don't know about any of these you:

A) Do nothing but watch news channels

B) Have no contact to the Internet

C) Are new to the world of Renegade

If you are A or B, well, I'll just keep my mouth shut to respect the intelligence of this audience. If you are C, it's understandable. What I am referring to are the big Renegade Mods that are coming out. That's right, that news topic you see every now or so on the CNC Internetwork. The big ones I'll label as this (since they're getting all the attention):

CNC Reborn

Renegade Alert

WW2 Warpath

We'll start with Ammo's very own, Reborn. This is that well-since-TD-got-it's-MPFPS-then-we'll-make-a-MPFPS-of-TS-too kinda thingy. It will include your favorite units from Tiberian Sun like the Banshee, Cyborg Commando, Harpy, the new Stealth Tank, the MLRS, Mammoth MK II, all variations of the Orca, Titan and others I haven't mentioned. We'll make a list of the pros and cons for this.


1) It's hosted by Ammo

2) It's for any TS fan

3) Same great gameplay from Renegade

4) Some new maps


1) If you're a big fan of realism (TS isn't a realistic game, folks [or at least as realistic as Renegade])

2) It might not be under your cyber tree this year

Up next for our 5 minute examination is Renegade Alert. This is similar to Reborn only it's for Red Alert(2) and it's not hosted by Ammo.


Same as 2-4 replace TS with RA2



And then finally is that WWII mod for Renegade. Though you won't be seeing Mammoth Tanks liberating concentration camps, or even running coward Nazis over, you can still do the latter only in a different tank. Of course if you wanna do some bloody torture with your trusty pistol, go right ahead. Though you might not last long against his Flamethrower or whatever he's holding...


1) Same gameplay as the rest

2) A great 'free' WWII mod (free meaning free if you have Ren)


1) It might not be under your cyber tree this year

Well that does it for a quick lowdown. I'll dig deeper into this next time. Now, I'll give you a hint as to what's next in my agenda for today:

Links coming with respected mod topics

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