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Reborn-The whole lowdown on it all
Written by DAWUSS

Command & Conquer: Reborn

Leader: DarkOmen
Release Date: 2003
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Though you're not going to lose any sleep over it, it will be giving you that same great gameplay from Renegade (which doesn't cost a dime to get - get the demo [which you can settle for and never get the full version]). This will include the units and structures from Tiberian Sun, the sequel to Tiberian Dawn, as is Reborn to Renegade. Now what we'll hit first is why you should get it (by recommendations of the Renegade Ammo forums):

The question being, if someone asked you why they should get Reborn, what would you say?

By Rawflez:

Cause it's free, and everything that's free and isnt an AOL CD is worth getting! Plus is has crazy fun stuff like REPAIR TANKS!

By RED Adeptis:

i known because its a new law if u own renegade then u have 2 get reborn and renalert and theres another new law u have 2 buy renegade now adays renegade only cost $16

By BobaDeath:

It looks sweet and should bring life back into Renegade

Now, we'll take a look as to why they think you should download the however-many-MBs-it-is Reborn Mod...

You're in the Banshee. You spot a GDI Titan slugging on by. Noting that it hasn't noticed you, you ascend and get ready for your attack run on the hulk of junk, as you see it. You hit high speed and dump your payment onto the Titan who turns and tries to fire at you. With your nimble speed you manage to only take a few hits and you nail the Titan some more. What you once did to the Mammoth Tank in your old Apache, you now do to Titans and Hover MRLSes in Apaches and Harpies. Whether or not there will be some 'battle memorabilia' (ie. Destroyed vehicles from Renegade) on the custom maps will be up to the modding members (though it would bring a nice mix of old and new).

Now that I've hit the good, if you wanna' go to the not-so-good features, we'll just put it as this: If you don't like TS, then don't bother with this. You can stick your trusted Humvees and Apaches if you don't like Reborn. Maybe the fact that it's not made by WW is another bad feature, but that can also be a good thing. Possibly the worst feature is what else, MR. LAG!!! If it's a realism thing, then you might not have gotten CNC in the first place outside of TD...

Of course, I am not advertising it to you. If was going to do that, I would get my Flash junk and put something together and have some people host it on their sites... If you wanna' advertise it, go to the Reborn boards and ask one of them.

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Best Feature: Gameplay
Worst Feature: Any online lag
Rating: 9.2
Rating based on a scale of 1-10

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