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The Reverseness of the online Renegade games
Written by DAWUSS

Let's face it. Assaults are timed and Death Matches go on and on. Does something not seem right here? As a matter or fact, the other day when I was playing Nightfire and of course, those MP matches are what would be a Death Match in the CNC world. 30 minutes there felt like forever, and 30 minutes on a CNC assault map like Under seemed too short.

Granted, there are those expectations when you are demanding a base annilation (some which have gone too quick-- I have seen some with 10000 creds, no time limit and we went to a new map in 1 minute when the nuclear bombs came in), and other times when you are hoping for a standstill. And of course, you're hoping for a great fight every time you play.

Another thing I have seen is that a lot can happen in those 30 mins. In fact, I even have a story written that was based on a 30 minute battle on the map Field. But a lot of time, you spend those 30 minutes just hitting each other's brick wall because you build your tank and he builds his tank. Now, if you're wanting strategies on every official map (exception being Glacier), then go over to IGN. Ahh now I feel guilty about this as now probably ends up revolutionizing the WOL gaming like the Flame Rush did back in the day. And that was met with the Mammoth Rush which now made it all a point duel. Those basically made the APC rushes old quick-like.

The point duels (the most common way of doing Renegade [some may even speculate that they take away the effect of the CNC RTS games {you destroy his base} but that has yet to be decided], as now nearly every map is a standstill, especially Under; I believe it is a result of a lack of teamwork and the other team doing the same thing- Ball meets Ball in a Tunnel- They hit each other and get nowhere- some of it can be a lack of intel reports- get a guy or 2 to hide in a sniper spot and tell your team what they're doing! (I recommend that to a fast typist) When he tries to tank rush, pack a Flamethrower and Rocket Launcher and attack from somewhere else! Now it is a game of speed- these 30 minutes are now to your advantage!!! OF COURSE YOU EVER HARDLY HEAR THIS TYPE OF STRATEGY YET THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO DO!!! People always think the tank rush is their solution to losing and when the other team does the same thing, it's what happens when bullet meets bullet. They hit, stand still and crash and burn.

Of course, this strategy's trials can be submitted into the Ammo forum, where they'll be put into a later topic on the strategy. In any case, happy strategizing!

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