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The Story of a Nod Black Hand Stealth Soldier
Written by DAWUSS

It was the usual morning routine... Bench press from 6:00 to 6:45 and then head for the showers. But for some reason this morning felt different for some reason. Not Scott, the janitor, who was bustling the same as any other day. Well he went into the men's showers and had a quick 5 minute shower before heading into the cafeteria in the Hand of Nod for breakfast...

Jeof Garrison, a Stealth Black Hand Soldier, had just gone through his morning routine, and was now having a bowl of cereal. He sat down with Anthony Blake, a 6'4", 380 pound, all-muscle, Rocket Soldier, and with Becky Miller, a female Nod Minigunner. Female Nod Minigunners were a new idea, which came from General Roger Murrey, a 7'4" tower. Ironically, he wasn't there, as he was needed to help secure a captured GDI base. But with the female soldiers, they seemed to be sleveless, and they had skirts, which was basically the pants of a male Nod Minigunner*.

At the end of breakfast came a usual briefing, but this one had Kane in it. Maybe HE'LL send us some more top of the line men and women. Garrison thought. They had an average amount of men and women, but a lot of them were inexperienced, and many died easily when GDI assaults came.

There were a few well soldiers, one who even stole a GDI Mammoth, which was now under maintenance. They were way short on tanks, since they only had 1 APC, 2 Artilleries, 1 Flame Tank, and the stolen Mammoth Tank.

After the briefing, there was nothing left for Garrison to do, so he went back to the bunkers and pulled out his CD player and listened to a little bit of music from various artists. While he was listening, he started thinking about Becky. Not that it was anything new; he'd done it before. Love songs just made him think about her more. However, on this, he took the mind of a Cornerback: Drop back, wait, and strike at the opportunity. Then he heard an unpleasant sound: The Obelisk charging up. Awww **** he thought to himself, and he put his CD player away, and his gun came out.

That Obelisk had soldier help as quite a bit of Mammoth Tanks were moving in, which were accompanied by APCs and Medium Tanks. GDI began getting some tank congestion as they had to push past each other to get into the Nod base. A few Nod soldiers remember the standstill they endured here when the snow was still on the ground. Now it was spring, and the snow had left. Reinforcements were cut, leaving them with hardly any tanks and the inexperienced soldiers. This was caused by a GDI victory some 100 miles away.

Garrison decided to slip out using the tunnels and attack from the backside, harassing GDI units which were at the end of the congestion. The tunnels, if heading to the Nod base, forked off, with one leading to the Power Plant, and the other leading towards the Obelisk. All ends were mined heavily by Nod Technicians. But Garrison was the only one using the tunnels, and he soon found his target. He opened fire on a sorry little Humvee, which he tore town about a minute later of hiding and popping out and shooting it. He retreated back to the base when a Mammoth Tank began guarding the tunnel. He watched his back carefully, realizing a bullet could sting him at any second. A shot was fired. Jeof's gun went flying out of his hands with a nice dent in it. Jeof ran back towards the security of the Obelisk, where he breathed a sigh of relief, knowing he would be safe until either the power went out, or the Obelisk was going to blow. All he had now was a pistol, which was in his bag in the Hand of Nod. Then he realized another solution: The Artillery! Then it hit him: He needed someone else to operate it. Who? Everyone else was going mano-tanko! Unless there was someone in the Hand of Nod who still hadn't gone out to fight yet. But then he might as well pick up his pistol which he would do in the first place. What the heck. Someone might pop him while he was standing there like a lame duck. So he ran to get his bag and he searched for his pistol... Not in the main bag or any of it's side pockets... WHERE THE HECK DID IT GO? He looked in his other bag. Not there either... Now he was getting desperate. HE COULDN'T FIND HIS DANG PISTOL! Along with that, he was getting a stomach ache now. He hadn't eaten in a while. Then came the poke of a gun's barrel on his neck...

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