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WW2 Beta
Written by DAWUSS

Well, I saw, I downloaded, I tried, I wrote. The demo Battle of Stalingrad, which, had it's beta glitches, like GDI Officers shooting Nazis, and Engineers repairing soldiers, but in any case, the gameplay was like another fast paced DM with the bots hunting each other down and you joining in. You have a few tanks there in case you're bored of the mano-mano combat.

Then come the little things that make the gameplay a beta, like the GDI Officers shooting Nazi troops, nuclear beacons being dropped on the place, Nod Flamethrowers joining in, and Nod crates scattered on the field. You even had the GDI rifle at the wrong angle where it looked like he was shooting sideways or the gun was sticking out his back! The extras were unskinned (everything not told in the description [Shotgun Soldiers, GDI Officers, Rocket Launchers, Chainguns, Sniper Rifles, Grenade Launchers, Grenaiders, Engineers, and the beacons, though they make no sense entirely in the WW2 era]). In any case, the gameplay was still great, the bots provide a challenge if you're on GDI... err, Allies, it's a fast paced map, and this TC is looking very nice and should be one to look forward to when it's completely done! This is very reminiscent of the Renegade demo, when all you could play was Under (those who have the demo know what I'm talking about). In any case, here's some more screenshots of the fast paced gameplay (glitches included lol).

Have fun out there!

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