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Rise of the Brotherhood
Written by CandC209

It was Sunday morning, 4:00 AM.  A Nod recon base had just been attacked by the local civilians.  The GDI base to the north sent in two Transport copters, one with weaponry and the other with troops.  As their escort ORCA worked on a Nod light tank, a lucky shot from a rocket soldier took down the GDI personnel chopper.  Unfortunately, the ammunition copter made it to its trajectory and handed out some heavier weapons to the civilians.  What was once a few pistol bearing men in clothes, was now a heavily armored group of chain gunners and rocket soldiers.

But finally the conflict came to an end, and the civilians retreated.  Now 5:00 AM, the Nod soldiers go into the Hand of Nod.  Moments later some C130's fly in, dropping off a few flame tanks to redecorate the village.  Jack, one of the Special Forces located in the Nod recon base, was sitting on a bunk in the medical area.  Now wiggling an artificial finger around he looks at his empty SVD.  He had had a tough time picking off the lead Civilian commanders. 

Standing up, he grabbed his gun and went to pick up some more ammo and a new side arm.  He met a few other soldiers: Mona, a well-trained close combat assassin, Boris, a tough rocket soldier, Daniel, a swift and stealthy hijacker, and Mendoza, a barbaric flame trooper.  Jack had been assigned to accompany the rest of these elite soldiers in an operation against the GDI support base.  The Nod base's recon bikes had spotted that GDI was coming with a new line of MCV's that could deploy, begin the construction of a base, and pack back up to move elsewhere.  It was vital that these MCV's be destroyed now, along with their factory, to make sure that GDI could not spread its war machine across Brotherhood land.

Jogging to the helipads, the five man team found a waiting transport helicopter, equipped with small rocket pod launchers for minimal defense.  The team was handed a few state-of-the-art stealth suits, a new combat armor recently developed.  Nod had only seen this on their stealth tanks, but the idea of their infantry wearing them was blissful. Taking off, four escort Apaches came to make sure they made it to their target.

The GDI base was well equipped, sporting several Advanced and regular guard towers.  It also contained two tiberium refineries, three war factories, three barracks, eight helipads, several Advanced power plants, and an advanced communications center.  This would have been a nightmare for most Nod soldiers, but now they had a new little toy to help them out.  As the GDI mammoth tanks patrolling the gates, one at each of the four gates, and two that patrolled the base, came in, some new GDI soldiers came out to change shifts.  There were nine medium tanks waiting in the base.  A new GDI weapon, the ORCA vehicle transport, came.  There were five of them, and each one loaded up two medium tanks (Though one carried ammunition for the Civilians forces being pinned down by the flame tanks.)  Jack and his team continued to fly in, almost halfway to the base.  Looking below he saw a few stealth tanks and rocket soldiers waiting.  When he made visual contact with the base, Nod's newest toy flew across the sky.  The new stealth bomber flew in, it would have been invisible anyway in this darkness, but the new stealth packs were still nice if it ever needed to make a day time mission.  Dropping one of Nod's miniature nukes, it wiped out most of the power plants, and blew to pieces the infantry and their APCs.  Now the bases power was out, and the choppers were able to move in easily.  Jack lit a cigarette, trying to calm himself before the real fighting happened.

The moment the chopper landed, the forces hopped out.  The LZ was buzzing with infantry, opening fire.  None of them could see the crew, and hoped that they were still in the chopper.  As the chopper took off, a stinger rocket struck it in the rotor blade.  The chopper came spinning down violently, and almost landed on Jack as he sat in prone position picking off infantry.  The apaches flew off, trying to take out the weapons factories before more tanks could be produced.  Jack shot a few of the infantry in the four guard towers that were protecting the mammoth tanks.  Mendoza raided the barracks, causing infantry to scream for mercy.  Boris took down one of the mammoth tanks, while Daniel crept up to one of the empty ones and took command.  Mona ran over to the Advanced Comm. Center, quickly stabbing the door guards and killing the technicians with her Uzi.  Jack ran to the Comm. Center as well, picking off the ORCA pilots running frantically. 

Once he got inside, he worked with Mona to call in GDI's Ion cannon.  It would require a lot of time to manually target the other power plant, and the GDI technicians shutting off all non essential base pieces would  get their advanced guard towers firing much sooner.  The only chance to get this operation done in time was for Mona to stop all enemy reinforcements, and for Jack to run across the base with an Ion cannon beacon to make a quicker signal for the satellite.  As he ran, the GDI medium tank reinforcements grew closer to their base.

The waiting Nod rocket infantry and stealth tanks saw them.  The rocket infantry concentrated fire on the ORCA's.  After taking enough fire, the ORCA's had to land in fear of losing their cargo.  Immediately the Stealth tank's opened fire on the unloading medium tanks, and destroyed the ORCA's.  It was only a matter of time until all tanks had been eliminated.

Back at the GDI base, Jack ran with the armed beacon, and saw the particles in the air charging.  The Ion cannon was not at full power, it needed to use what little power it had manually saved up to charge the surrounding air.  The moment Jack had entered the power plant door, he threw the beacon as far into the complex as he could, and ran for his life.  A bright blue beam came from the heavens, delivering such a blow that the power plant crumbled to the ground.

Mona, still in the Comm. Center, was calling off the inbound GDI A-10's.  As soon as she got their conformation that they were going to head back to their base, the power to the complex went out.  The five man team all ran to the LZ.  Expecting to see another transport copter, to their pleasant surprise they saw a drill dig through the dirt.  They saw it surface and open a door.  They ran in as GDI MRLSs launched their rockets in hopes of bringing down the commando team.  But it was not the rockets that brought them down to their deaths, but the subterranean APC that brought them down to the cover of a thick layer of dirt.

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