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The hits keep coming
Written by DAWUSS

219542, 219543, 219514... And still counting! How did those numbers appear?

Simple. Reliability.

Now, as these counters MIGHT be misleading (as some people see the counters as DIFFERENT people), they show how many times people arrive (new ones coming in, or regs coming back). These also show how your site is doing (being a webmaster myself, I should know this). But here's something ELSE they tell, which usually only the webmasters think about: WHY it's so good.

As we know, that number isn't a mere picture (if so- man they update fast!) (If you do think it's a picture, then go to another site, then go back (not using the back button- type the URL, and see if the image changes).

Again, it got there for being reliable. The news is that of which you can use (Some news you can use), the maps and skins collection is one of the largest out there (and the Generals collection once it's been modified [Mod package or not- they will figure out one way or another ]), and all of the people in the forums all 134+ of them being so helpful and friendly, who wouldn't want to come back?

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