PS5 randomly shut down while Spider- Man 2?

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Level badge Rookiguey (4)
Posted 8 months ago.

I was playing Spider-Man 2 today. A little after the mission on Coney Island my game froze, and then my PS5 totally shut down.

After several minutes the PS5 came back on and I was able to get the game disc out. The screen said it was "reparing console storage" and then gave me an option to send a report to Sony, which I did.

What happend? Is this a physical issue? I've never had this problem before. vshare
My console has good ventilation and is positioned on it's side. I've had it since Feb of this year.


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Level badge Trueguey (22)
Posted 8 months ago.

hi there, well mostly its the game that crashed your console. Although its worth checking if the fan spinning okay (when playing put your hand at the back and see if you can feel any hot air coming out the back). I heard this could also happen if the PSU isnt getting enough cooling from the main fan. Before worrying about any of that; its most likely to be the game.

I dont have Spider-Man 2 myself, so I cant check.


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