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Posted 8 months ago.

Long-time X3TC player who just started AP. I'm sticking with vanilla, btw. I thought I might give the Terran start a try. I have a few questions:

Reward-wise, what don't I get if I choose a Terran start? From what I can tell, I can still unlock the Hub and get the PHQ. What do I get that I don't get if I chose a Commonwealth start?

How rare are Jump Beacons? If I fly around the battles and try to find one, is it going to be like one in a million, or is it within the realm of possibility?
Can sector traders use jump beacons (e.g. to quickly traverse a large sector)? That would really help in revitalizing the Terran sectors.

Which Terran stations are most important to try to preserve? I've heard that some of them, once GoD removes, might never come back.


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