Juri Ishmaak (Engineer)


Juri Ishmaak is an ambitious combat specialist whose father was a pilot in a mercenary wing. He followed in his father's footsteps operating with the wing. He believes in careful preparation before any combat. After retiring from combat he set up a base of operations to focus on his passion for engineering. Develop your relationship with him to learn about another engineer.
  • Discovered: Unlock Felicity Farseer (grade 3+),
  • Meeting: Earn 50 bounty bonds,
  • Unlocked: Donate 1,000,000cr worth of bounty bonds,

Location: Giryak » 2 A » Pater's Memorial,

Region: Sol,

Possible blue-prints
folderDetailed Surface Scanner
Expanded Probe Scanning Radius 5 MAX
folderMine launcher
High capacity magazine 5 MAX
Rapid fire 5 MAX
Lightweight mount 5 MAX
Sturdy mount 5 MAX
folderMissile rack
High capacity magazine 3 MAX
Rapid fire 3 MAX
Lightweight mount 3 MAX
Sturdy mount 3 MAX
Lightweight 4 MAX
Long range 4 MAX
Wide angle 4 MAX
folderTorpedo pylon
Lightweight mount 3 MAX
Sturdy mount 3 MAX

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