Lei Cheung (Engineer)


Lei Cheung grew up in a trade clan of tramp traders. He learned engineering on the job and discovered that he posessed an affinity for shield technology. Even though he receives regular offers, he won't leave his family. He is willing to help fellow traders though and has built a large operation over the years from this work, with other family members running a scrapping and rebuilding business on the same site. Develop your allegiance with him to learn about another engineer.
  • Discovered: Unlock The Dweller (grade 3+),
  • Meeting: Trade with 50 markets,
  • Unlocked: Donate 200 units of Gold (Check trade-helper),

Location: Laksak » A 1 » Traders Rest,

Region: Sol,

Possible blue-prints
folderDetailed Surface Scanner
Expanded Probe Scanning Radius 5 MAX
Lightweight 2 MAX
Long range 2 MAX
Wide angle 2 MAX
folderShield booster
Blast resistant 3 MAX
Heavy duty 3 MAX
Kinetic resistant 3 MAX
Resistance augmented 3 MAX
Thermal resistant 3 MAX
folderShield generator
Kinetic resistant 5 MAX
Enhanced, Low power 5 MAX
Reinforced 5 MAX
Thermal resistant 5 MAX

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