Exceptional Scrambled Emission Data (Resource)

These can be found by scanning private data beacons in encoded emmissions signal sources, or scanning satellites.

The best way I found to get these is by scanning satellites at Orbital Installations. For a full list of possible installations with satellites, see the Elite Dangerous: Scavenger 3.1. When you have found one or more, simply scan the satellites, then relog.

Another way to find them is to scan private data beacons in encoded emmissions signal sources. However the odds of getting them can be fairly low, due to the randomness of the signal sources and spawn.

They may also by given by mission rewards. See the following forum posts for more infomation:

Used in
folderBeam laser
Effcient 3
folderBurst laser
Efficient 3
Efficient 3
folderFragment cannon
Efficient 3
folderMulti cannon
Efficient 3
folderPlasma accelerator
Efficient 3
folderPulse laser
Efficient 3
folderShield cell bank
Specialised 3

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