Fighter hanger

A Fighter hanger module allows a commander to carry fighter on-board their ship. This fighter can be controlled by either an crew member (A NPC you hire) or the commander. The fighter isn't capable of travelling long distances; so if goes range (20km) it will self-destruct or if the base ship gets destroyed then its game-over. Only one fighter can be active at any time.

Name Cost Mass Power Where
Class 5
internal 5D 575,660cr +20t -0.25mw where to buywhere to buy
Class 6
internal 6D 1,869,350cr +40t -0.35mw where to buywhere to buy
Class 7
internal 7D 2,369,330cr +60t -0.35mw where to buywhere to buy

DMG = damage, DPS = damage per second, ROF = Rate of fire, T. load = Thermal load, P. speed = Projectile speed, AP = Armour piercing.

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