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It has been a month since the release of power-play, meaning that commanders are now unlocking their special rewards, from weapons to shields. So I will keeping an eye out for people posting pictures of their rewards, and will update this post. Here's the list of rewards (and a few pics of some of the rewards);

1. Pacifier Frag Cannon:

News picture 110

A longer range / tighter spread Frag Cannon but deals less damage.

Rewarded by Zachary Hudson.

2. Pulse Disruptor:

News picture 117

Causes module malfunction to target. YouTube video

Rewarded by Felicia Winters.

3. Imperial Hammer:

News picture 113

Multishot Rail gun, like a Burst Canon but with Railgun projectiles.

Rewarded by Arissa Lavigny-Duval.

4. Mining Lance:

News picture 116

A mining laser that can also be used for combat.

Rewarded by Zemina Torval.

5. Retribution:

News picture 112

A small beam laser that doesnt do any direct damage but over heats the enemy ship.

Rewarded by Edmund Mahon.

6. Advanced Plasma Accelerator:

News picture 118

new plasma variant, faster fire rate but at an reduced rate of damage.

Rewarded by Denton Patreus.

7. Prismatic shield generator:

News picture 115

They appear to have 20% more shield, however are twice as heavy as thier standard counterpart and use more energy.

Rewarded by Aisling Duval.

8. Pack-hound rack:

News picture 121

A missile launcher that fires a bunch of drunk missiles. YouTube video

Rewarded by Li Yong-Rui.

9. Cryotoscramber:

News picture 111

Instead of dealing hull damage, it does massive damage to shields.

Rewarded by Archon Delaine.

10. Enforcer Cannon:

News picture 114

Has a slower fire rate but delivers more damage.

Rewarded by Pranav Antal.


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