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Tuesday 19th August, 2014 Comments 14 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
Welcome back Commander

Its been a long time since adventured into Elite's galaxy (something like 10 or more years). However its time to return in the form of Elite & Dangerous. The new title promises much improved graphics, bigger galaxy, off-line and online modes and bucket load more features.

After what happened to X-Rebirth, I have been looking for another title support. Like many of you, I backed Star Citizen... however hearing the news it wont be out until 2016 (or later), ive put it on hold for awhile (not that I am ditching support).

For me, Elite & Dangerous online mode is a big deal; we are finally able meet real other people in space, either working together or against each other. Whilst I know its not everyone's cup-of-tea (online mode), I feel its a step forward.

I must admit it feels weird seeing/flying those old ships; Cobra MkIII, Sidewinder once again - its been too long.

Ive only played Elite-Dangerous (in its Beta form) for a couple of hours and it feels good. I create a small initial impressions (although im still a bit of a noob at it);

There's a lot more to do; guides to write, pages to create, places to explore etc. Hopefully see you in space.

ps. I am currently writing a UI guide atm.

- Cmd. Roguey out


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