Best trade runs improvements

Tuesday 21st July, 2015 Comments 3 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
When I first created the Best trade runs I noticed a while later there were some problems with the runs. Old runs were staying at the top of the page, and werent being deleted. I looked into the code for a second time, and managed to add some code to delete old entries every week or so. However this didnt work how I wanted - and even meant that old trade-runs were being updated with the wrong information (so they stayed at the top of the pile, when they should of been removed).

I havnt been happy with it for awhile now - often using the Mk2 to double-check each run to make sure it was valid. So ive been thinking how can fix these problems. Hopefully you can understand that dealing with the amount of data can be complex task, and easy to overload the server if done wrong (as I found out awhile back). I cant exactly get my code to scan the whole universe in one go, and then tell you the best deals (this would require a lot of cpu power for each viewer).

So I had a re-think; what if the code calculated the actual profits without relying on the stored value?. So I have changed the code to do that. Now, any trade-run that makes less than 1,500cr is automatically deleted. This should mean that the current runs are valid, and they are the actual profit you can make. Let me know if they seem better.

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