Trade Helper mk2 improvements

Tuesday 28th July, 2015 Comments 0 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
Today I was checking out a trade-run from reddit when I noticed that the most profitable trip was being shown in the Trade-helper Mk2 , but not the return trip. I had a look at the code and noticed that it wouldnt show it because of how it was designed (if two places sold the same ware, it would only show the single highest profitable run). After a few changes, I got the Mk2 to show all the deals between the two locations.

This wasnt ideal - as it quickly turned into a massive list of possible trade items (increasing in size if there were a lot of stations at each location). So much that it was a bit overwhelming - and not very helpful. If like me, you are probably only interested in the best trade-runs between the two places. So I changed the code once again, so show only the best runs (after-all if you can make 1,000cr per unit or 2,000, which one would you pick?). So now the Mk2 will show you the best trade-runs between all the stations/outposts in the two systems.

I have also added the option to remove outposts from the Mk2 encase you are trading in a large ship. Hopefully now the Mk2 is a lot better. Please let me know if you notice an improvement to the Mk2 results. Now with the best-trade runs updates and partial EDDN updates, it should make it easier to identify those great trade-runs. Sorry its took so long to notice the issues in the Mk2 helper.


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