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Monday 30th November, 2015 Comments 2 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
For awhile ive had a few people asking me if it would be possible to make the faction section modifiable (so missing factions could be added). So today I took it on myself to rebuild the section, and change the system object pages. Previously you had just an text input - which wasnt very clear. The section will also tell you which system objects are owned by them. I will probably still need to do more work on the section, however I need some real data to see how it all fits. You can now add a description to a faction - if that's helpful?

On a side note I have removed the existing factions from the system objects, because many of them were either wrong or didnt make sense. So if you cant find a faction in the database, add it, and then add it to a system object (outpost, station, etc.). I will do more work on it when I have some more data. I hope this makes things easier.

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ps. The first BETA of v2.0 should be starting today, for anyone with Horizons beta access.


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