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Saturday 12th November, 2016 Comments 2 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
When using the site today, you may of noticed some of the search results having fewer results than normal (on the Elite Dangerous site). The reason being is that I have cleared out the ED database. This wasn't something I did likely, but over-time the database has become a bit of a mess. Some of the data was older than beta builds (pre v1.0).

Now we have full EDDN support, im sure the site will gain most of the data pretty fast. All the new data is solely coming from EDDN. So for the next day or two, please bear with me. I am hoping that I will be able to add planetary bases soon. Anyway, I thought id better keep you guys in the loop. Please let me know if you encounter any problems. I have put some code in to transfer some of the details from the older tables, such as descriptions, distances etc.

ps. no... the Thargoids didnt attack the site :p

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Roguey  •  4 months ago
@hardcard thanks for your input.

1, I dont see any shoulds in the post?
2, well, does lightly mean to do with weight, where likely is to do with chance (ie. its likely to happen). maybe I got it wrong,
3-4, corrected,

thanks, I am in the process of adding support for planetary bases. Hopefully I can get them done soon.
Hardcard avatar
Hardcard  •  4 months ago
Sorry, but I feel like I have to point this out (no offence intended):

1- It's "should HAVE" not "should of"

2- By "likely" did you mean "lightly"?

3- The past participle of the verb "to become" is "become" not "became". So it's "has become" not "has became".

4- It's "bear with me" not "bare with me" (remember that "bear" is also a verb, not just the animal)

Anyway, glad to see that you use the comparative "than" correctly instead of "then", unlike so many people out there.

Also glad to see that the database is finally being updated.

Keep up the good work!