The egg to be patched Wednesday?

Friday 10th July, 2020 Comments 1 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
A recent controversial subject in Elite Dangerous is the amount of money you can earn by mining Low Temperature Diamonds; in particular the ablity to respawn asteroids. This is done by placing a fighter 25km+ away from the main ship, then teleport between the two to respawn the asteroid (this will in-turn restock all the surface deposits). One asteroid has been named by the community as the Egg, due to how easy it is to find and has 4 surface deposits. Although any asteroid can be used, even with 1 surface deposit.

Frontier did try to address the problem a week or so ago but all they did was to add a 2-3 hour cooldown peroid if you leave the instance. Otherwise the asteroid can still be respawned as many times as you like still. If you have a friend, you can hold the instance open as long as you want.

This might be fixed soon, Frontier are preparing to release a new patch on Wednesday (next week). We dont have the patch notes yet (they will be landing on Monday) but im sure that top of the list is the fighter reset.

Commanders to can make some serious amount of money now. This isnt a bad thing but feel that other parts of the game should have their profits boosted. For exmaple combat is high risk but also low reward.

Fleet carriers have also been causing some problems too; according to other sites there are more carriers in the game than stations now. When new Low Temperature Diamonds location comes up the system is often swamped with Fleet carriers.

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