Odyssey - Mostly Negative

Saturday 22nd May, 2021 Comments 0 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
Elite Dangerous: Odyssey came out a few days ago now, however its come with its fair amount of bugs, glitches and performance issues. Unfortunately the release version hasnt majorly improved on the alpha a few weeks ago - performance issues were terrible. Im also disapointed to see no new ships or srvs where added at this point. Basically we got space-legs, some changes to the UI (equipping ships is a pain now), 2 elite ranks and other stuff. Im pretty sure we see more content and fixes in the future, but thats a pretty poor show now - to say content and fixes will come when we just had a big release.

Some call this release a beta release - which unfortunately fits well. The console version of Odyssey isnt due for 6 months, where quality control is much higher. In 6 months time im sure Odyssey will be in a good place by then. So the title of beta fits, which is unfair to PC players.

All this has landed Odyssey with a Mostly Negative on Steam review page (with only 34% postive feedback);

News picture 248

I really hope this spurs Frontier into action; to see a mostly negative on your new big shiny addon is pretty bad. However this isnt the first time ive seen this happen unfortunately - doesnt make it any more acceptable!


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