Viper Mk3

Designed for high-speed, the Viper has two sets of gun-mounts; one set below and the second to the left and right of the cockpit. The bottom set is better for fixed weapons because gimbled weapons will often get obstructed. The top gun-mounts however are ideal for gimbal weapons (much like the Sidewinder). It is often used by Police, as speed is more important than cargo-space. It has one of the highest top-speeds.

Manufacturer Faulcon DeLacy
Added in patch v1.0,+
Ship launched fighter No
Maximum speed 320m/s ( m/s with boost),
Manoeuvrability 4 (out of 10),
Price ship 142,931cr    where to buywhere to buy ship    where to buywhere to buy armour    where to buyship builds
Weapon Weapon mounts Priority Item Cost Power Mass
Gun mount noteNote: Top left Medium
Gun mount noteNote: Top right Medium
Gun mount noteNote: Underside left Small
Gun mount noteNote: Underside right Small
Utility Utility mounts Priority Item Cost Power Mass
Utility Mount
Utility Mount
Sub-systems Sub-systems Priority Item Cost Power Mass
Power Plant C3
Thrusters C3
Frame Shift Drive C3
Life Support C2
Power Distributor C3
Sensors C3
Fuel Tank noteNote: Default: Fuel-Tank (4) C2
Ship / cargo hatch 142,931cr -0.6mw 50t
Internal Internal Compartments Priority Item Cost Power Mass
Internal Compartment noteNote: Default: Shield C3
Internal Compartment noteNote: Default: Cargo (4) C3
Military slot C3
Internal Compartment C2
Internal Compartment C1
Internal Compartment noteNote: Default: Supercruise Assist C1
Internal Compartment noteNote: Default: Advanced Docking Computer C1
Hull strength
Shield strength
Power use
(max )
Total mass
(range )
Rebuy cost
Build cost
(ship cost 142,931)

Economy -
Business -
First -
Luxury -
Weapon damage
Thermal -
Kinetic -
Explosive -
Current -
Max -
Total -
Fuel / Max jump -
Max jumps -
Saving/Sharing options
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Ship build
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