Making a simple BBS message tutorial (Page 1 of 5)

Written by Roguey,

Making a simple BBS message tutorial, written by Roguey

What is a BBS script?

That's a good question, in its simplest form a BBS script is a script that puts text into the BBS that players can read. The text can contain special formating such as a button - to accept a mission. So a BBS script can have two uses: posting news, or making new missions. For now we will look at posting news to the BBS.

Hopefully by now (if you been using my early guides), you should know your way around the script editor a bit - so this should save me time from explaining each step.

To make a BBS news post, we will need two scripts:
  • The actual BBS script,
  • and a setup. script (to add our bbs script to the game),

Dont worry about the setup. script - its just one line! Oh this tutorial only applies to X3, not Terran Conflict!
.. anyways... lets start coding our BBS script...

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