Making a simple BBS sale tutorial (Page 1 of 5)

Written by Roguey,

Making a simple BBS sale tutorial, written by Roguey

Making a sale

Hopefully by now you should have some experience with the script editor and making scripts. You probably reached this section wanting to further your BBS knowledge by turning your simple news bbs into the next big thing... no, not Rebirth :P but a BBS sale.

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a script which sells Salvage Insurance's to the player. Why Salvage Insurance's I hear you say?... well because there are less things to check when selling them. ie. Salvage Insurance dont take up cargo-bay space, nor have any cargo-bay requirements. For now I want to make this a simple sale, so checking your free cargo space, ware prices and cargobay type will make the script larger and more confusing.

What needs to be done
  • Make/add to a language file our BBS messages (yes, there will be a few messages),
  • Copy/make the basic BBS template,
  • Making a offer to the player (ie. We have 5 x Savalage Insurance for 120cr),
  • If the player decided to take our offer, then check to see if the player is good for it and trade for it,
  • Update/create a setup script to add our bbs mission to the game's list,

We will need to use a language this time because this BBS entry will be too complex to write into the script.

So the first step is making/adding to our language file..

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