In X3 there are many different races with their own background story. Not all the races are friendly - some of them are hostile!


Argon The Argon people are believed to be descends of the Earth people many years ago. A long time ago the AP Sorja 44 (AP Gunner) was in a battle with the Xenon's near earth. The captain of the AP Sorja 44 lured a large group of Xenon's away from earth, though an unknown jump gate. The capitan then ordered the destruction of the jumpgate trapping them and the Xenon's on this side of the galaxy. Shortly after the pursuing Xenon ships shotdown the AP Gunner somewhere in the known X universe. Ever since the Argon's have been battling the Xenon's.

20 or so years ago a ship believed to be from Earth jumped across the galaxy without the use of a jumpgate into the X universe. However his jumpdrive was destroyed. This left the pilot of the ship alone, in a far away galaxy with no hope of returning home to earth. Many Argon's dont belive this ship was from earth. The pilot helped to land a major blow to the Xenon's in one battle.

Shortly after this, the pilot formed Tera-corp to fund his research on returning home to earth.

Argon ships very reversible but not being good or bad at anything.

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Boron The Boron are a friendly species who live primarily under the sea. Boron ships must be able to travel under the seas and also into space where awaiting factories supply them with resources. The Boron normally consider anyone to be a friend, only fighting if they really have too.

Tera-Corp and the Boron's are working on drives to enable other races to travel in Boron seas like Boron ships.

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Paranid The correctly called Paranid, are simply paranoid of everyone. In order even to speak to a Paranid pilots have to show good will and prove they can be trusted.

Paraniod's are known for their advance technology however the same cant be said about thier hospitality. They see most other races to be inferior, specially human's.

Paranid ships are fast, powerful and deadly.

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Pirates The Pirates are people who don't want to conform to the 'standard' way of life. The Pirates are believed that their ships are created by the Teladi has they can have a very similar design.

Pirate ships are always armed and will attack anyone they dont like. Pirates will often attack other ships just for cargo. The Pirates would rather lose a bit of cargo space so they can carry some extra guns.

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Split The split are a warrior race who would rather fight than to die a coward death. This makes the Split people very wearily of anyone new in their space. To be allowed to dock you will need to show the Split some good will by shooting down some enemy ships. Split ships are often fast and powerful in order to attack thier pray, however Split ships often have lower amounts of shielding.

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Teladi The Teladi are relatively friendly to other races. The Teladi's are very well known for doing anything which makes them profit. Most Teladi's live to make profit. Thier snake like voices can put many pilots on edge which is a good thing as they often cant be trusted.

Teladi ships normally have a bigger cargo bay so they can make more profit. Teladi's will often guard their cargo and ships by their lifes.

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Xenon The Xenon are a product of man's creation which turned on them. Xenon's were used to convert a planet into a livable place for humans to live on. However after many years, the Xenon developed a problem in their programming and started to turn on their human masters. One captain managed draw them away from Earth in his ship named 'AP-Sorja 44' aka AP Gunner. The captian managed to lure the Xenon's into a unknown jumpgate and blew it up just after they arrived. This was the only jumpgate back to Earth, trapping both himself and the Xenon's in the X part of the galaxy.

The captain of the AP Gunner had to crashed land and was never found. It is believed that the Argon people are descends of that of the Earth people. Much of this story has been forgotten over the years.

After the last Xenon war the Argon's nearly lost their homeland, however since then the Argons have been fighting back winning countless battles agaisnt the Xenon. The biggest blow to the Xenon was the lost of the Xenon mothership in Brennan's Triumph.

Xenon ships are still deadly to this day, and are constantly researching ways to upgrade ships and weapons. The Xenon's are planning to one day attack the Argon's again.

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