Weapon Selection System

Normally when all guns are installed they will all fire for an short amount of time, however with the weapon selection system you can group upto 4 sets of guns together. A very useful example of how you might use this is if you equip mounts 1-4 with Beta HEPT's (for lowering shields/hull) and then fit Ions into mounts 5 and 6. After you have installed all the guns, you would group all 4 Beta HEPTs into group 1, and then the two Ions into group 2. Now when you first attack a ship you press 1 to switch to the Beta HEPT's, lowering shields and hull. After you have lowered the hull, then switch over to the Ion's by pressing 2 and slowly try to capture the ship.

How do I set this up I hear you ask? Well it's fairly easy once you know what you're doing. The weapon select system isn't explained anywhere. Below is the part of the HUD you must use to set this up:

Weapon select picture 1

Each gun is listed down the right hand side whilst there is a set of 4 boxes to the left. Each box corresponds to which group the gun is in. You can see that only the first box is active, meaning all guns are in group 1:

Weapon select picture 2

However if you want to put the first 3 guns into group 2. Click on the second box from the left and it will become highlighted, like so:

Weapon select picture 3

Now when you press 2, you will see the first 3 guns still lit meaning they are 'active' whist all the other guns are ghosted out meaning they are 'offline'. Now if you fire only 3 guns will actually fire, however if you press 1 again all your guns will be actived. You can set any guns to be online/offline for each group but you only have 4 groups. To active any group of guns just press the number on the keyboard, ie. group 1 is the 1 key, group 2 is 2 key, group 3 is 3 key whilst group 4 is key 4. You will also notice that the number at the bottom will also become lit showing which group is active, as you can see in the picture below group 2 is active:

Weapon select picture 4