Couple of updates to the X3 section

Thursday 13th September, 2007 Comments 0 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
Ive just noticed that some of the information on the free ship spoiler was misleading and wrong. I have now corrected the page - including some of the maps and all the links to the ships.

You should also find a small page on X3 shield stats on the site too.


The random ship namer is back with its crazy names. Maybe you like to post some some of the names it has said in the forum?

Your thoughts/comments is also back - found on many of the X3 pages. You can add your combat, trade, spoiler X3 tips! Please don't spam this!

The Bala Gi Missions spoiler has been updated with click-able links to ships, wares and sector maps - just to make things easier. A few other spoilers have been cleaned up too.


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