Ship stats update

Friday 24th February, 2012 Comments 2 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
Its not often that I post news on X3 now, however for such a long time the steering values on some of my X3 ship stats were out: some not by much, others by a bit.

I managed to contact exogenesis (the creator of the 3D Models and Stats Viewer), and exogenesis told me how the formula was done in the 3D viewer. This allowed me to correct the formula to how it should of been. The steering values may be slightly different to the game, due to rounding.

I discovered later the formula for steering in X3 was very similar to that of X3TC/X3AP with only a minor change. I never worked-out as I spent countless hours trying to figure it out with lots of different formulas.. anyway.. I guess I got it right in the end - thanks to exogenesis!


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