Teladi Shipyard (Shipyard)

factory picture
Shipyards are the heart and soul of modern societies. They are factories of gigantic dimension, built to manufacture all the space vehicles and even build and sell whole construction kits for new factories. Because of the immense resources and labour required to build as well as run a factory like this, shipyards are rare to encounter. The shipyards of the Teladi could never be described as hi-tech. Indeed these large factories are packed with a strange assortment of low-tech equipment supplied by many different races, and cobbled together to create a makeshift work area. Long ago the Teladi, ever aware of the need to make profit, decided the most economic way to build space craft was to get someone else to do it for them. They buy ships from other races that are either old, damaged, or just past their sell-by-date which they dismantle, and cannibalise, using the parts and equipment to make ships better suited to their own requirements.

General Statistics
Race owner Teladi Teladi
Station price 649,167
Cargo space 20,000 (ST)
Sold at Found in
  • None found..

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