Albion Prelude Plot (Index)

Albion Prelude Plot guide

On the next few pages you will find the walk-through to the Albion Prelude plot.
Please note this guide contains major spoilers!

Here is an break-down of the guide:

Page Info
1. Introduction and requirements A quick run-down about the plot and whats required.
2. Starting the plot Lets get going..
3. Jonferco Eavesdrop What you must do in the Albion sector.
4. Highway Patrol A breakdown of the highway Patrol mission.
5. Jonferco Under Attack! More developments in Jonferco's..
6. Albion Defenceless and The Beryll Even more trouble for Jonferco forces..
7. Plutarch Rising and Uncovered Plutarch starts taking over the security of Albion..
8. Albion Pride and rewards The last section with a quick breakdown of the rewards.

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