X3TC/AP stats rebuild v2.0

Thursday 6th March, 2014 · Posted by Roguey · Comment 9 comments

Over the past few days you may of seen a few of the ship pages generate have a few problems; ie. missing ship-names etc. Well there was a reason to it; I was rebuilding the code.

Since developing the X3AP mod, I wanted my site to offer stats and maps on the new universe/ships etc. So I started on a small project that would read the game-files from X3AP/TC (exactly how X3Editor works). However after a few hours everything seemed to be going well, so wondered if it could replace my old code altogether. There has been times I would have liked to add more information but couldnt.

In the old-way I took the game-files and converted them into a table, then imported those into a database. This was a complex task / time-consuming process that made updating the pages hard work. This also limited the site because when I first imported I forgot to import some fields (like notoriety).

For the eagled-eyed ones, you may of noticed a laser, shield and missile sections pop-up on the X3TC and X3AP sites. These also use the game files directly, giving you much greater information on the weapons, missiles etc.

The new sections use my new design (which should be tidier) and should be much more detailed. The new format uses standard components, and means the use of flash has been greatly reduced (this should come as welcomed news on mobile-platforms). It would be possible also to support community mods too (ie. showing information on every ship in the mod) since this new code loads in game-files directly.

News picture 52

Please dont worry about your comments (they not been deleted)! The comments will return once I have resync the comments to the new locations. Once that is done then all the comments will reappear. I hope you like the new sections.

ps. All the data in them use the latest versions of X3TC/AP. So it should be all correct. I know the price column is a bit ball-park but it should be fairly close.


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