Second release; X3AP-Mod - Version 1.1

Wednesday 19th March, 2014 · Posted by Roguey · Comment 2 comments

Since its first release on the 8th March, it has came to light there were a few mistakes/bugs in the first release of Roguey X3AP Mod. Most of these faults were todo with the universe; either stations with no wares or incorrectly placed. So I have corrected the problems. However v1.1 doesnt just come with fixes, but 12 more start positions ranging from easy, to very hard. All of which have no starting requirements;

    [*] Start as a Prototype Stealer, were you just stolen a new prototype ship
    [*] or, as doomed captain who is about to be wiped out,
    [*] or maybe, start as a Teladi business man who just placed hes first station,
    [*] maybe try from being completely poor?
    [*] or even a Unlovable Rogue, hated by all.

I hope these new starts offer some new directions for you to try out. Please let me know what you think.

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The new updated version can be found on the downloads page.


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