The Moon

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icon icon Terran Shipyard
  • Product wares
    • Terran Solar Power Plant M
    • Terran Solar Power Plant L
    • Terran Solar Power Plant XL
    • Terran Ore Mine M
    • Terran Ore Mine L
    • Terran Silicon Mine M
    • Terran Silicon Mine L
    • Terran Ice Harvesting Facility M
    • Terran Ice Harvesting Facility L
    • Terran Matter/Anti-Matter Mine Fab
    • Terran Protein Paste Blending Facility M
    • Terran Protein Paste Blending Facility L
    • Terran Water Purification Plant M
    • Terran Water Purification Plant L
    • Terran Crystal Fab M
    • Terran Crystal Fab L
    • Terran USC Food Supply Factory M
    • Terran USC Food Supply Factory L
    • Terran Carbo Cake Factory M
    • Terran Carbo Cake Factory L
    • Terran EMPC Forge
    • Terran Matter/Anti-Matter Launcher Forge
    • Terran Point Singularity Projector Forge
    • Terran Starburst Shockwave Cannon Forge
    • Terran Keris Drone Factory M
    • Terran Shadow Missile Construction Facility
    • Terran Phantom Missile Fabrication Facility
    • Terran Poltergeist Missile Fabrication Facility
    • Terran Wraith Missile Production Plant
    • Terran Food Preparation Facility M
    • Terran Food Preparation Facility L
    • Terran M/A-M Warhead Production Fab M
    • Terran Hull Plating Production Facility M
    • Terran EMP Rifle Assembly Facility
    • Terran Spectre Missile Manufacturing Facility
    • Terran Ghoul Missile Manufacturing Plant
    • Terran Vita Kai Production Plant M
    • Terran Vita Kai Production Plant L
    • Terran Flavour Pack Production Facility M
    • Terran Flavour Pack Production Facility L
    • Terran Complex Construction Kit
    • Terran Baldric
    • Terran Baldric Miner
    • Terran Scabbard
    • Terran Tokyo
    • Terran Osaka
    • Terran Scimitar
    • Terran Cutlass
    • Terran Sabre
    • Terran Rapier
    • Terran Katana
    • Terran Yokohama
    • Terran Maccana
    • Terran Claymore
    • Terran Mobile Mining Base-Ship
    • Terran Hayabusa
    • Terran Mani
    • Terran Kyoto
    • Terran Toukon
    • ATF Odin
    • ATF Tyr
    • ATF Thor
    • ATF Fenrir
    • ATF Mjollnir
    • ATF Valkyrie
    • ATF Vidar
    • ATF Vali
    • ATF Aegir
    • ATF Skirnir
    • ATF Woden

(-20.5km, 0km, -2km)

Controls: You can use drag the map, use the mouse wheel / buttons to zoom in and out.

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