A beginner's guide

About X3TC

Now we started a game, we need to understand what this game is about. Many of you maybe used to games start position A, then goto B then C. However X3TC is an open ended game meaning you can decide what to do - do you want to explore? blow-up things? build stations and/or complexes? Well that's all up to you. This is maybe why many people are overwhelmed at this point - all your options are opened to you from the start.

I think at this point its important to understand the structure of the game, before trying big actions.

Understanding the game

All of the X games so far have been made from sectors. A sector is a part of space which is often owned by a race. Each sector is connected together by Jump-gates (any-where from 1 to 4 gates). In X3TC there are few types of jump-gates (gates and trans-orbit accelerators), however they all do the same thing: transport you to another sector (when you fly through the middle of it). This is what the two types of gates look like (gates on the left, trans-orbit accelerators on the right):

The two types of gates

X3TC is made up of over 250+ sectors, each with ships, stations and asteroids from different races.

There are 5 main races called Argon, Boron, Split, Paranid and Teladi. You have two types of Pirate groups called Pirate and Yaki, then you have two enemy races called Xenon and Khaak. Each race has different ships, stations, sectors etc.

Now hopefully you understand the basic setup for X3TC, it might be worth actually doing something lol


The next thing you probably want to understand is the HUD (Heads up display - the interface). For this you can find my guide to the HUD here, which explains what all the icons and numbers floating around your screen. I figured there is no point re-writting that guide for this section as it was aimed at new players anyway.

So lets learn about our own ship on the next page: