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Written by Spike

Balance of Power Plot Walkthrough, written by Spike

This guide contains spoilers!

Several mods are known to cause some problems with this plotline. All mods not updated for 3.0 are suspect and even if they have there's still no guarantee that they're compatible. If you have a plotline problem with a modded game, you are requested to go to S&M and ask which mods might be the culprit, and then ask in that mod's forum thread for possible solutions.

On to the plot itself, I'll say this first; Having assets in Terran space is not a problem. Definitively. You can complete this plotline without a single iota of lost Terran rep. I actually did lose a bit; but not enough to lose a rank.

The triggering condition for the beginning of the plot is completion of the Aldrin plot. That has many of its own prerequisites, making this one of the later plotlines to be completed. I will assume that you have generous resources available at your command.

When the trigger occurs, you get a message telling you to report to the Military Base in Argon Sector M148 for an Argon Secret Service assignment.

The rest is for the eyes of the prying only.

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