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Written by Spike

Goner Plot Walkthrough, written by Spike

This guide contains spoilers!

As one of the original plotlines, only very early versions of the game have appreciable bugs. However, if you have mods, it is possible that they may introduce problems with the plot. As this is a Vanilla forum and a repository for information and issues regarding the unmodded game, if you have a problem with a modded game you are requested to post in the Scripts and Modding forum.

The Goner Plot begins in the Goner sector Elysium of Light. It is available from the beginning of the game on all plotline enabled starts.

The plot begins when you contact Osamu Avens on the Goner TL, the Ozias.

Resource Collection

Avens is overseeing the construction of the new Goner Temple. Parts of the superstructure are floating in space already, and as you can see, it's not very temple-like yet. His problem is twofold; firstly, his ship looks like its designer had no sense of aesthetics at all, but this apparently doesn't concern him, and secondly some of the supply convoys bringing materials to the Temple never arrived. This does concern him, and is the reason for your new employment.

Your mission is to bring 2000 Ore and 200 Silicon Wafers to the Ozias. Just fly within 5km and the goods will be transferred. Once everything is collected, you get a thankyou, a payment for the goods, and the Beholder himself, Jani Hall, offers you future work prospects. A simple first mission, and you may now disappear for a while to do your own thing before returning to contact Hall on the Ozias.

The next mission is to collect another 2000 Ore and 1200 Teladianium. Something which again should not be too difficult, and you are paid for your efforts. There's nothing now for a while; you'll be contacted when needed again.

When the call comes, it's a cargo run that you'll need a TS for. You must fly to Bright Profit and pick up 625 Teladianium panelling, then bring it back to the Ozias. Another wait for a mission ensues. You may want to pre-empt it, so read on;

The next mission is to deliver 3 TS class ships to one of the stations in Elysium of Light. Three bog standard Argon TSs from the Omicron Lyrae shipyard will do just fine. Which station they must be docked at will become apparent on the sector map when the TSs enter the sector. When they dock, you will receive a message asking you to turn them over. Three messages and the mission is complete. Hall is now disappearing with the Council of Elders; you will receive orders from Avens whilst he is gone.

You won't get a message telling you about the start of the next mission; it will just appear next to Avens' name on the Ozias' comms menu. Make sure that you're going to be free for a while before you take it.

It's probably the worst single part of any of the Plots in the game. It is quite hellish and you'll need lots of Salvage Insurances. Having good relations with the Pirates is going to make your job a hell of a lot easier, so if they hate you, do missions for them until they like you again. You'll then need to move into Pirate space and scan their ships to reset the relations. You need to be able to fly up to Pirate Carracks that are blue to you, ideally the Brigantines as well. Alternatively, you'll need a very powerful M7 class ship that moves faster than 90m/s to complete this next mission set (the Panther or very well-stocked Cobra would make a good choice).

That next mission is to build a Teladianium Foundry in Elysium of Light, so that the Goners don't have to import any more of the stuff. The mission does not say what type of Teladianium Foundry is required, so buy a cheap and cheerful M type from either Grand Exchange or PTNI HQ and place it near the beacon in Elysium of Light. Mission complete. That Goner Temple is looking a little more complete now. There's another wait for the next mission. It won't be a trade run; get a combat ship ready. You didn't think that build station mission was the promised hell, did you?

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