Plasma Beam Cannon

Laser picture
A deadly weapon found on frigates, destroyers and carriers. Originally the beam weapon used in lasertowers, the Plasma Beam Cannon has now been strengthened and adapted to be mounted on capital ships. While still not as powerful as the heaviest projectile weapons, it fires at the speed of light and thus provides advantages in accuracy and first-strike capabilities.

Price 824,832 credits (10,000 notoriety points)
Cargo-bay 120 (XL sized)
Shield damage 7,182 per hit 718,200 per min
Hull damage 2,700 per hit 270,000 per min
Energy Usage 202 per hit 20,200 per min
Rounds per min 100
Range 5.9 km (0.6 secs)
Projectile speed 10,644 ms

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