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Friday 1st April, 2011 Comments 4 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
I managed to find some details about the TNBT from egosoft, dont ask how I found them Smile

In the next space adventure game from ego, you start on a planet called Bayonetta. Bayonetta is less developed planet than most, rarely does anything happens. However one day lights and loud noises are heard. It is feared that a large battle has happen. People rush to underground bunkers, however you (Harry Moleman) rush to your small interplanetary shuttle to find out what happened to your wife (Mona Moleman) aboard the local trading station. Once break the atmosphere you see that a large battle has took place, massive destroyers burning in space you fear the worse for your wife. You see a small abandon scout ship (The Quimby) and decide to board it so you can check for survivors. The ship is beat up, but you are able to scan the wreckage, but you find no survivors. There is no trace of anyone, like they were took. You decide to to travel to the home planet to alert people of the current events. You decide to shut all energy from your sub-systems (engines, shields and weapons) to engines. However since the ship is heavily damaged this is only 30% of maximum.

This is were the game starts, once reaching your planet home world. You are asked to land at Camp Rock (on the planet), so they can take a look at your data recorders.

The new game will feature a split engine, allowing you to explore space and planet and even walk inside buildings. The project hasnt got a confirmed name as of yet.


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