Whats changed

If you are a scripter and/or modder from the previous x-games, you may be wondering what has changed since. Well here is a quick run-down of the changes in X-Rebirth:


  • XML used through-out (unlike before in certain places),
  • Universe split into clusters, sector, zones XML rather than a single XML (universe.xml),
  • No longer limited to 6 turrets, 12 lasers,
  • Ship sub-systems (Shields, engines, etc.),
  • Stations are built-up from modules (production, defence etc.)
  • Music files changed from MP3, to xwma (DirectX),
  • Ships are defined in separate xml's rather than a single line in a CSV file,
  • DDS textures compressed by .gz,
  • Directory paths inside cat/dat's,


  • Type folder gone - no more CSV,
  • No more editing scripts through a in-game script editor,

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