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27 Jun, 2021  picture
Asteroid information added to universe maps

Posted by Roguey     Comments 4 comments

I was contacted by an Egosoft forum member, asking me if I could add asteroid information to the universe map. I know when building a complex its important to find the right place. So today I started working on the feature. Things went fairly okay - and after a few hours I had something working. ... » Read more
3 Oct, 2018  picture
X4 to release on the 30th of November

Posted by Roguey     Comments 16 comments

A few days ago Egosoft announced X4 should be released on the 30th of November. This time they have chosen to follow from X3 era instead of Rebirth - and hence the reason for calling it X4. Rebirth was a bit of a disappointment, as it tried to force the series into a new direction. Personally I didn ... » Read more
19 Jul, 2018  picture
Updates to the X2, X3, X3TC and X3AP sites

Posted by Roguey     Comments 0 comments

Its awhile since ive done any updates to the X-sites (X2, X3, X3TC, X3AP), but just recently I had some extra time. A long time ago I started the process of converting how the X-sites get their data. In the past those sites relied on a database that I built up from various resources. This was time-c ... » Read more
7 Jun, 2018  picture
Egosoft reaches 30 years old; some X4 info

Posted by Roguey     Comments 1 comments

You may of not known, but Egosoft announced a few days ago that its been 30 years since their first game release - Hotel Detective (June 1988). Whilst I wish Egosoft congratulations for this landmark, Its not the main reason for this news post. To celebrate, Egosoft have posted a few screen-shots ... » Read more
26 Aug, 2017  picture
The X4 presentation

Posted by Roguey     Comments 12 comments

If you weren't able to visit the X4 presentation and/or missed the event when streamed, a fellow youtuber Dna Corporation Network has put a copy of the presentation on youtube for you to watch. The audio is a little low, so be careful when adjusting your speakers before/after. If you wish to che ... » Read more
25 Aug, 2017  picture
A first look at X4 tomorrow

Posted by Roguey     Comments 3 comments

Its been a long time since I've posted any news on the x-games. Tomorrow we are promised a first look at X4 - the true successor to X3TC/AP. The event will take place on Saturday, August 26th from 15:00 CEST (13:00 GMT/UTC, 14:00 BST) to 19:00 from Egosoft's HQ in Germany. If you cant make t ... » Read more
15 Dec, 2016  picture
Egosoft announce X4 is in development

Posted by Roguey     Comments 4 comments

Its been a long time since I have posted news on the x-games. Today Egosoft have announced that they are working on a new X game, entitled X4. This should be long-awaited successor to original x-games (such as X3/TC/AP). Quite a few players were disappointed when Egosoft decided to take the franchis ... » Read more
14 May, 2016  picture
My X3/AP mods rehosted

Posted by Roguey     Comments 0 comments

Awhile back, you may of noticed that both my X3 and X3AP mods were hosted on OneDrive. This wasnt ideal, and meant users had to register to download content. I did notice awhile ago, one of the mods had been removed - so it couldnt be downloaded at all. Originally the files were hosted with some fre ... » Read more
29 Mar, 2016  picture
Home of Light being added

Posted by Roguey     Comments 2 comments

I want to say a big thank-you to Chris for donating a copy of Home of Light DLC. This has allowed me to start creating a Home of Light section on my X-Rebirth site. This wasnt previously possible. So far I have a map section, station, faction and ware lists (which I think are correct). I will be loo ... » Read more
7 Mar, 2016  picture
Updated to v4.0

Posted by Roguey     Comments 0 comments

Ive been asked a couple of times if I could update my XR site. The process is fairly easy to do, as its a matter of changing files. So today ive done another update to the XR site; so now its using v4.0 files. This has been done for both the main game and the Teladi outpost DLC. I can not include ma ... » Read more
13 Mar, 2015  picture
Free X-Weekend

Posted by Roguey     Comments 0 comments

At first you may think my site has been hacked - saying about a free X-Weekend. What it actually means is that Egosoft are offering everyone a chance to check-out all of their X-Games for free (including X-Rebirth). There is also 66% discount on all the X-Games during this weekend. So its a grea ... » Read more
14 Nov, 2014  picture
Checking out v2.5/3.0

Posted by Roguey     Comments 9 comments

Ive been asked a few times if I would re-look at X-Rebirth because a lot has changed since the last time ive looked. So during the past week ive been looking into the game - see what's changed. Ive also been looking into where the game is heading. Here is the video; ... » Read more
13 Oct, 2014  picture
Updated to v2.5

Posted by Roguey     Comments 8 comments

A few days ago, I was asked by santi if I could update my XR site with v2.5 content. Whilst it does take an hour or so, its an relatively easy task for me. The site uses in-game files, but was my first tempt. It also uses a database for in some look-ups (ie. what is zone 2, sector 3). After the X ... » Read more
16 May, 2014  picture
An end of a era

Posted by Roguey     Comments 41 comments ... » Read more
13 May, 2014  picture
Checking out v2.0 - The May patch

Posted by Roguey     Comments 7 comments

You may of heard of the May patch? Its something Egosoft have been making a big deal of. Well today I had at look at it. At first there there is a number of new things; Three new gamestarts, each with a new cockpit configuration. Rebalanced combat with three difficulty settings. Additional c ... » Read more
6 May, 2014  picture
The future of my X

Posted by Roguey     Comments 19 comments

Hi guys; I know its been awhile since I last posted anything but been thinking through a few things with the x-community. The x-games have been a big part of my life. I noticed the x-games when I brought their first game; X: Beyond the frontier. At the time I was looking for another Elite game b ... » Read more
4 Apr, 2014  picture
Patch v1.30 on the horizon

Posted by Roguey     Comments 10 comments

It looks like the guys over at egosoft are still hammering away; trying to improve X-Rebirth. Patch v1.30 sees the introduction of steam-workshop support which should make it much easier for people to play/install mods. Patch 1.30 also has quite a long list of fixes (most of for either AI, user inte ... » Read more
1 Mar, 2014  picture
A relook of X-Rebirth with patch v1.25

Posted by Roguey     Comments 5 comments

After the recent patch, I thought I would relook at X-Rebirth - to see what has changed since. After completing the plot a few months back, I didnt feel much reason to keep playing X-Rebirth; as I couldnt do a lot of the things I wanted; empire building was/is limited, a lack of ships to fight, no s ... » Read more
27 Feb, 2014  picture
New patch v1.25, lost cause or not?

Posted by Roguey     Comments 2 comments

It looks like the staff at havnt given up on X-Rebirth, with the release of v1.25. This patch aims at adding a new target locking system, better smalltalk rewards, Trade improvements and an Logbook. Bernd (CEO of egosoft) has created a new video explaining the various updates (shown belo ... » Read more
24 Jan, 2014  picture
A few save-games added

Posted by Roguey     Comments 0 comments

I have been asked a few times if I could add save-games are various parts of the plot (using my special 'tools'). The most common one being after upgrading the URV wharf, as the station wont build. So today I have added a couple of saves to the site, that start at certain positions. These sa ... » Read more
9 Jan, 2014  picture
Station producers

Posted by Roguey     Comments 0 comments

Ive been asked a few times if I could do some pages showing where goods are produced. This is a fairly complex task because each station in the universe can have different modules installed. With different modules installed this can vary what it does and produce. So without doing a very complex task ... » Read more
29 Dec, 2013  picture
New video section, and Watchwithwaddy

Posted by Roguey     Comments 3 comments

During the pass few days ive been re-looking at my video section of the site. I had a message from a YouTube user; Watchwithwaddy asking me if I could add his X-Rebirth videos to my site. When looking at his videos, I saw some great videos; some offering advice, tips and/or help on XR. However I fel ... » Read more