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A twist at the rendezvous point

Once we back at the rendezvous point, we see things arent quite right.. Borman isnt there, and there seems to be a gathering of Plutarch ships. Out of the corner of your eye you notice that the jump-gate may also be working.

A few seconds you get a message from Borman, which gets jammed by the Plutarch ships. Plutarch ships demand are escorted back, however Yisha has other ideas and boosts the ship into the gate, into the unknown.

You are thrown into another part of space - completely alien to you and Yisha... its better than prision right? So in this alien place, lets explore the area... hopefuly there are friendly people here?! So now lets get in the highway and see where it goes.

On your way you will hear a boardcast from a ship; asking for some help agasint some Reivers ships? For now there isnt much you can do, but to continue on your course.

After travelling for awhile, you will reach Fervid Corona. A small cinematic will play out showing you the station. You have not gone unnoticed, as you are contacted by a Pedro Nakano. Explaining that you are not hostile and not from around here, you are given the chance to land on the station and explain yourself. So go land on the station.

Pedro Nakano explains about thier troubles with the Reivers, and welcomes the possiblity of new trade. The Reivers are basically a pirate group, who attack the Republic of Cantera stations/ships for resources. Due to two gates re-linking, joining DeVries to Albion together. Yisha warns Pedro Nakano about Plutarch... how they might try and extend thier hold into DeVries (by force), if Republic of Cantera arent careful. Plutarch arent a friendly bunch!

Wishing to learn about about the new area, Pedro Nakano sends you onto Karen Stringer. Yisha is troubled for some reason.

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