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A mysterious message

When you reach Fervid Corona, you will receive a message from Governor Nakano asking you to check nearby jump-beacons. Not all the ships made it back;

Nakano asking you to check other jump-beacons

So you will be asked to fly to Vapour Stream. Once you enter the zone, you will see that the mission marker is set on the jump-beacon. When you get close enough you will get a mysterious message, asking you to stop and prepared to be escorted through the gate. You should notice the gate is now working. So now fly through the gate - to the strange new place.

...Omicron Lyrae - the once famous stronghold of the Argon federation. You will now be contacted by Vice Admiral Bayes, wanting to ask you some questions. You agree and transmit the required information, however in return they want you to stay within Omicron Lyrae cluster for now.

If you do try and return, you will receive a massive reputation lost.

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