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Drones are new feature in X-series, which can be used to do a range of jobs. They can be used to hacking systems, scan things, etc. There are two tyes of drones, ROV and URV. ROV (or Remotely operated vechicle) are controlled by a headset that Ren pulls down. URV (or unmanned radio vechicle) are drones that have thier own AI, and will help out the base ship. Below is a list of the drones and what they do.

Remotely operated vechicles

Beholder ROV
The Beholder drone is a scanning type drone - used to get detailed infomation on a object. When in range you can use either RMB or RT (on the controller) to scan the object. You must hold the button until the scan is completed.

Assassin ROV
This drone is aimed at being a high-speed attack craft, where fast agile speeds are required. Due to its high speed and acceleration, the assassin isnt equipped the most powerful weapons. However in certain scenarios it can be an ideal solution.

Trojan ROV
The Trojan drone is another drone which is flown by a person. However this drone hacks systems, in the form of a mini-game (like small-talk).

Traitor ROV
This ROV is designed to depoly limpet mines, which are often used to damage stations and ships. Because of this, it can be illegal in certain areas.

Unmanned Remote Vehicle

Interceptor URV
This small craft is very agile but doesnt pack much of a punch. However used in large volumes it can deal a large amount of damage to its target. Often used to protect a ship.

Interpid URV
The Interpid is similar to that of the Interceptor drone, but features a more powerful weapon and greater hull. However it trades in speed and agile for this.

Overrun URV
This drone launches the powerful Newtonian V Crushers which makes it dangerous to capital ships and stations. If used in large numbers can be lethal.

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