Confirmed... based on a XBox360 port

Monday 18th November, 2013 Comments 7 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
Its not been long since the game has came-out, a matter of days now and the community has already built tools to extract all the game-files. Doing so, some new information has creped out about the game. It appears its true that the game is based on a Xbox360 port; there are references to that in the shader files. There is also a inc folder that looks like something it was forgotten to be removed from the release. These files clearly show more references to the xbox360. For some this may explain the reason why the release took 7 years, and why the xbox controller works so well but mouse/joystick don't.

For more information, read this which includes a screen shot of one of the files.

So far this has probably been one of the worse releases for a long time. A lot of press (making 1st place on steam top-sellers), a high price (of £40!) and release filled with bugs, lies (A pc game which isn't) and game the community/gamers never wanted.

Does this mark the end of egosoft? can they save this? Do Egosoft care? How do you feel about it all...

I am also hearing rumours that people are actually getting refunds from steam - which is usually pretty unheard of.

You can join our discussion on this here..

ps. I'm sorry to the people of egosoft that I had to post this, however it's hard to ignore since I am a gamer first. I find this hard to post, since I've been supporting your games for so many years and wanting you to keep on releasing good x-games for many years.


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