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Monday 18th November, 2013 Comments 7 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
Its not been long since the game has came-out, a matter of days now and the community has already built tools to extract all the game-files. Doing so, some new information has creped out about the game. It appears its true that the game is based on a Xbox360 port; there are references to that in the shader files. There is also a inc folder that looks like something it was forgotten to be removed from the release. These files clearly show more references to the xbox360. For some this may explain the reason why the release took 7 years, and why the xbox controller works so well but mouse/joystick don't.

For more information, read this which includes a screen shot of one of the files.

So far this has probably been one of the worse releases for a long time. A lot of press (making 1st place on steam top-sellers), a high price (of £40!) and release filled with bugs, lies (A pc game which isn't) and game the community/gamers never wanted.

Does this mark the end of egosoft? can they save this? Do Egosoft care? How do you feel about it all...

I am also hearing rumours that people are actually getting refunds from steam - which is usually pretty unheard of.

You can join our discussion on this here..

ps. I'm sorry to the people of egosoft that I had to post this, however it's hard to ignore since I am a gamer first. I find this hard to post, since I've been supporting your games for so many years and wanting you to keep on releasing good x-games for many years.

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TrogloGeek avatar
TrogloGeek  •  3 years ago
This is no proof it was really primarily based on an XboX release, just that they tried to achieve an X game which could also run on XboX, cross-plateform compatibility has to be taken into account in very early development stages as it influences architecture.
But yes, they tried too hard to get it playable on TV+gamepad that they sacrified loads of functionnality and mouse+keyboards natual interactions.
Tonsilgon avatar
Tonsilgon  •  3 years ago
I very much wait for an open letter from the other Egosoft-developers. Not from Bernd, who has to say, what his bosses want him to say.
I want comments from those people who KNEW that 95% of their fans will be very very disappointed, because they themselves are. I want to know WHY and HOW they decided to let the player walk in ultra-ugly spacestations, just to make things that you do some thousand times in a normal X-Game. Things like hiring people, buying ships or building stations.
It is one thing, that you think it MAYBE is a nice feature. It is another thing to implement it and test it. But then you have to realize that is nice one, two or three times (if it does not insult you with graphics from the 90s), but that it is annoying the 20th time and you just plainly hate it afterwards.
The same with the "enter cockpit", "Leave cockpit" and "turn to monitor"-animations.

But maybe we should just start to think, how much we can change the game by modding. If it can be done at all.
birdtable avatar
birdtable  •  3 years ago
Not so sure about Chris Roberts or David Braben .. Wikipedia them and then look for the words vaporware and publisher cancelled.... Would like to read Bernd's entry on Wikipedia six months down the line.
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santi  •  3 years ago
Update: We now have an opinion of Egosoft studio boss Bernd Lehahn: "We are experimenting for a long time with console versions of our games X3 Reunion we had already run on the Xbox 1 and Xbox 360 At that time we had problems with the menu and.. the console memory so that we could experiment did not continue. too, during the development of X Rebirth, we have experimented with Xbox 360. A controller controller that is supported now, we have time to implement, the memory problem persists on Xbox 360, however.

We had our universe can not accommodate the size with its many details on the console. Therefore, we have again decided against a console version - X Rebirth is a PC game. However, we are very excited about the new consoles, the Xbox One, and in particular the PlayStation 4, so we will deal with it as soon as our time permits. Now, however, our focus is 100% on X Rebirth. "
Source (german):
Urisk avatar
Urisk  •  3 years ago
I was still hoping that Bernd and Egosoft would understand the mistake they made, but the statement that they "will" look into consoles actually makes me loose my faith even more. One would think that the overwhelmingly negative response from their customers would make them fix up X Rebirth and then return to their proven formula, which includes not even trying to optimize for gamepads since gamepads are simply insufficient as controlers for these games. (Hell, even thinking about console ports they do not have to dumb their games down to gamepads. Well, they have to for Microcrap, but Playstation 2, Playstation 3 and now Playstation 4 have always allowed developers to implement keyboard and mouse controls ... if they so desire.)

How many people have to tell them, that a control and command concept that caters to gamepads will never ever satisfy their present customer base. How far they took it can be seen with the targetting, where they removed targetting KEYBOARD hotkeys for nearest enemies etc. just because there wasn't enough space on the Gamepad to bind it there, too. This is ridiculous.

Being a fan since the time of the very first title and a follower since the first release of the rolling Demo of X:BtF this saddens me much.

I do not have 'that' much hope for Roberts, since Freelancer, although a good game, is not a replacement for X. In many ways Privateer and Freelancer were (in a good way) what X Rebirth is (in a bad way). The difference being that they were expected to be what they were.

David Braben, deliver us from our despair!
Timmyzzzz avatar
Timmyzzzz  •  3 years ago
While my first reaction was dissapointment with the game, the longer I play it the more I see the beauty and complexity I saw in the previous X games.

This game has an incredible amount of potential which begs to be used. I believe we, the community and devs, can unlock this potential.

I do want to note one thing however... This article made me realize that the bigest problem ive always had with the ui in any x game, is actually intentional. It was made with consoles in mind.
I believe this is a mistake now, and was a mistake in the previous X games.

The potential of X-Rebirth can only be unlocked through a pc ui with overviews and menus that allow for a more intuitive control of all your assets in the game universe. Constraining all this beautifull complexity with a console compatible ui and controls is an injustice to the game.

Egosoft above all need to realize now where there strenghts lie, build on that, expand on that and I see a bright future for XR and egosoft alike.

If Egosoft can forget about limiting their design decisions by possible future ventures and commit to what they know and do well, they will ultimatly be a more succesfull company, and we will get the games we want Smile

Cheers <3
BarrenEarth avatar
BarrenEarth  •  3 years ago
Is this where I get to say... I told you so?